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All about SARA

This page contains links and information that relates to the SARA software. Please note that when the BNC XML edition is released. (2006), it will be delivered with a copy of the newer Xaira software instead of SARA. information about Xaira can be found on the Xaira page. Information about how to use SARA or Xaira with the BNC is available on our Using the BNC with SARA/Xaira page.

An HTML version of the draft SARA Technical Manual for release 930 is also available.

Software status

Windows 32 bit systems
The most recent full release was that of 16 April 2001; updated on 20 June 2002: download it here
Unix systems
We distribute source archives only: choose one of the following
Previous version
The version distributed on the BNC World CD-ROMs has a small number of bugs which prevent it being used in environments other than Linux or Windows unless the fixes described in the Reported Problems page have been applied.


If you are having problems installing the corpus or the software, take a look at the Reported problems page which lists problems (and fixes) reported by users of the BNC World Edition since distribution began in February 2001.

If you are having problems accessing the corpus, you may find the solution on the Common Problems page.

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